Our Background

Founded in 1947 as a trade organization named the Food Sales Association, it quickly became known as “FSA,” with its purpose to develop and enhance relationships between the suppliers, brokers, and manufactures in the food industry and the retailers within the North Texas market.

In 1998 the Food Sales Association, in partnership with its members and retailers, began the FSA Scholarship Program.

After nineteen years of FSA scholarship awards, a total of $1,153,000 dollars has been raised and awarded to 565 high school seniors and adults pursuing careers in the retail food industry.

In June 2002, the organization received its determination letter and was recognized as public foundation and a 501(c)(03) under the Internal Revenue Code.

It is organized as a corporation in the State of Texas. The 2014 FSA Board of Directors, inspired by those who worked tirelessly to build the organization and the scholarship program began to envision an educational leadership legacy to benefit the future young adults in the food industry in north Texas.

On May 1, 2014, the Board unanimously voted to change the organization’s name to the FSA Scholarship Foundation to better describe its educational and philanthropic purpose and, to create the FSA Scholarship Foundation – Endowment Fund.

Today, the FSA Scholarship Foundation represents over 250 organizations and 600 representatives from national, regional and local companies.

 Our Mission Statement

To inspire careers and leadership in food retailing by providing the encouragement, the opportunities, and the scholarships to high school seniors and adults working in the food industry.” Eric Becker, FSA 2015 – 2016 President.

Eric Becker
FSA 2015-16 President                 

FSA, with its retail food partners, provides college scholarships to grocery store employees to pursue their undergraduate degrees while maintaining their career interests in food retailing and developing into industry and community leaders.

Further, FSA widens acquaintances and social contact and cultivate fellowship and goodwill among the members of firms engaged in the manufacture and distribution of food and beverage products, allied lines, and service-oriented suppliers.

Additionally, FSA provides a forum for the dissemination of information by creating interactive fundraising events that engage retail executives and industry experts with suppliers, brokers, and manufactures of the food industry.